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Facilities & Service

Routine Pool Maintenance

This is our main service that we offer. This includes a full clean, water test & equipment health check. You can opt for a Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Service.

General Callout

If you are in need of a Quote, General Check or just a Once Off Service, please contact us.


We specialise in Equipment Repairs, Replacements and Installation

Green Pool Recovery

If your pool is Cloudy, Green or just not looking right. We can make your pool look better then it ever has at a price that won’t bust your budget.


Elite Pool Care

At Elite Pool Care, our focus is to provide the best service at the best prices.

We understand that our business begins and ends with ‘you’, so we are continuing to find ways to provide better service. We believe when giving you advice or a recommendation that being honest is the only way to succeed. Anything that we don’t know, we are willing to research to be sure that everything we advise is correct and honest!

We are a small Locally Owned and Operated Family Business with over 10 Years’ experience within the pool industry.
Our focus is to provide the best service at the best prices.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge within in the industry to ensure you are getting the most reliable and honest recommendations and advice.

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Happy Customers

Great advice, timely service and affordable rates. The pool magician. Whilst travelling I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our pool is in good hands. Once again a big shout out to the elite team!!!

september 2020 John Lowry

Great communication and helpful advice. Good value for money!

september 2020 Blain Ceghorn

Very professional service, I couldn’t be happier. Would highly recommend!

september 2020 Phil Moravcik

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